1. Disclaimer:

Customers should measure the installation position and determine whether the machine is suitable before purchasing. Our company is not responsible for any issues caused by measurement errors or lack of consideration for the housing environment. The resulting labor costs and other expenses shall be borne by the customer themselves.

2. Service Fee:

Type description Fee
Delivery Fee 20 Miles $70
Over 20 Miles Delivery Additional charge for per mile $2
Up/Downstair Carry Fee A For per item per floor Washer/Dryer/Dishwasher/Range $20
Up/Downstair Carry Fee B For per item per floor Refrigerator/Wash Tower $50
Installation Fee A For per item Washer/Dryer $20
Installation Fee B For per item Dryer Reverse Door $35
Installation Fee C For per item Refrigerator $30
Installation Fee D For per item Range Gas/Electric $45
Installation Fee E For per item Dishwasher/Microwave $65
Installation Fee F For per item Range Hood $150

3. Custom order brand-new products at discounted prices: